December 13, 2019

SAMS Partnerships

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Apply in a few easy steps and become a member of the international partnership network of SAMS – Smart Apiculture Management Services, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program within the H2020-ICT-39-2016-2017 call.

“The main rationale of the SAMS project is the development and refinement of an open source remote sensing technology and user interaction interface to support small beekeepers in Asia and Africa in managing and monitoring the health and level of productivity in their own bee colonies and beehives. It aims to pursuit the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG N°2) ´End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition` and seeks to strengthen international cooperation on Information and Communication Technologies in low- and middle-income countries.”

To ensure long-term impact of the project achievements, SAMS is establishing three international partnership networks in the spirit of promoting international collaboration and knowledge exchange within the apiculture sector and scientific society. The partnerships aim to foster modern and precision beekeeping and to sustain, refine and disseminate SAMS products and ideas with the objective to support small-hold beekeepers in managing bee health and bee productivity.

PS1: International Partnership on SAMS Business Development (Application is closed)
If you want to know more about the partnership or become a member please contact the lead from Holeta – Kibebew Wakjira – – directly.

The partnership aims to foster business development in the apiculture sector and to promote the SAMS technology. Activities will focus on supporting apiculture business development through mutual learning and knowledge exchange on issues of modern and precision beekeeping as well as on trade and marketing of SAMS products.

Partners: beekeepers, modern beekeeping startups and SAMS startups, scientists, NGOs and other stakeholders from the beekeeping and business sectors
Partnership Steering Board: Holeta Bee Research Centre (Ethiopia), The Local Enablers and University of Padjadjaran (Indonesia)

Main contact persons are: Kibebew Wakjira / (Ethiopia) and Dwi Purnomo / (Indonesia)


PS2: International Partnership on Bee Colony Data and Knowledge Exchange (Application is closed)

The partnership aims to foster research on bee colony data and international knowledge exchange on bee colonies, the SAMS system and beekeeping. Activities will focus on (1) data research and mainstreaming of the SAMS Data Warehouse (DW), and on (2) development of the SAMSwiki platform:

  • SAMS DW: knowledge exchange and research on data management and utilization issues and mainstreaming of the SAMS Decision Support System (DSS) and DW, as well as support in accessing and using the SAMS Data Warehouse with your monitoring device
  • SAMSwiki: knowledge exchange on issues of bees, bee health and bee productivity through SAMSwiki content creation and management as well as development of the platform. To foster international knowledge exchange on beekeeping, the partnership is developing a SAMSwiki Community.

Partners: beekeepers, modern beekeeping and data management startups, researchers, data management associations
Partnership Steering Board: Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technology (Latvia), Labtek Indie (Indonesia), Dr. Robert Brodschneider (Austria)

Main contact persons are: Aleksejs Zacepins / (SAMS Data Warehouse) and Robert Brodschneider / (SamsWiki)


PS3: International Partnership on Apiculture Technologies and Services (Application is closed)
If you want to know more about the partnership or become a member please contact the lead from the University Kassel- Sascha Kirchner – – directly.

The partnership aims to promote the development of and research on SAMS services and technologies in the apiculture sector. Activities will focus on testing of the SAMS device for the optimization of bee-management, queen breeding and the HIVE system based on User Centered Design principles. Moreover, it focusses on gaining knowledge and understanding of bee behavior and health.

Partners: beekeepers, bee breeders, startups interested in technology, researchers
Partnership Steering Board: Holeta Bee Research Centre (Ethiopia), Labtek Indie (Indonesia), Dr. Sascha Kirchner and Sascha Fiedler (Germany)

Main contact persons are: Sascha Kirchner / (EU), Amanda Paramita / (Indonesia) and Kibebew Wakjira / (Ethiopia)