July 15, 2019

SAMS Communication

WP 7 – Dissemination and Communication (Lead: GIZ)

Communication and dissemination of all project results at regional, national and European level in order to enhance impact achieved by SAMS project on cooperation and partnership in apicultural management.

D7.1 – SAMS Project Website

D7.2 – Compendium of SAMS Newsletters

D7.2.1. SAMS Newsletter 09.2018

D7.2.2. SAMS Newsletter 12.2018

D7.2.3. SAMS Newsletter 03.2019

D7.2.4. SAMS Newsletter 06.2019

D7.3 – Compendium of SAMS Publications and Press Releases

D7.4 – Project Flyer

D7.5 – ICT Apiculture Network Conference (SAMS Conference)