October 26, 2018

Advisory Board in EU

For any questions related to the EU Advisory Board please contact:

Advisory Board members in EU:

Apimondia (https://www.apimondia.com)

  • Apimondia is the International Federation of Beekeepers’ Associations and other organisations working within the apicultural sector. The Federation was founded by resolutions passed at the XIII International Apicultural Congress of 1949 in Amsterdam and is the successor to the International Apiarist Congress Secretariat founded in 1895.

European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA) (http://www.professional-beekeepers.eu/)

  • The European Professional Beekeepers Association (EPBA) is an association of beekeeping organisations of EU member states. There are no individual memberships. The present and pending member organisations represent most of the professional and semi-professional beekeepers in Europe.

icebauhaus e.V. (http://icebauhaus.com/)

  • Icebauhaus is the German partner in the international ice network of greentech & social innovation hubs. icebauhaus is geared towards a bottom-up strategy that combines both local and international trends with state-of-the-art technological developments. To develop and implement meaningful solutions to complex challenges in rural context, icebauhaus uses holistic approaches that integrate a variety of factors such as long-term environmental and social impact, available resources, economic motives, habits and cultural traditions. Our main approach here is firmly based on methods of usability engineering and user experience design.

icebauhaus supports SAMS by:

  1. providing human centered design expertise
  2. opening its networks to SAMS partners
  3. consulting the management of product development processes
  4. helping to explore the transferability of SAMS to other regions

Bees for Development (http://www.beesfordevelopment.org/)

  • Bees for Development is a leading international beekeeping organisation working with partners, communities and beekeepers in the developing world, using apiculture to address the Global Goals. Bees for Development has worked in over 40 countries:
    • supporting trade in beeswax and honey
    • strengthening livelihoods through beekeeping
    • creating a global beekeeping community for sharing and learning
    • integrating care for bees with care for the environment

Bees Abroad (https://beesabroad.org.uk/)

  • Bees Abroad’s mission is to promote locally appropriate beekeeping to enable participants to generate income to enhance their livelihoods, alleviate poverty and improve their quality of life. We are UK beekeepers and supporters who work on a voluntary basis with local partners worldwide.