July 15, 2019

Scientific Papers and Abstracts

SAMS in scientific papers:

*  “Application of Lorawan Technology in Precision Beekeeping” in Proceedings of the IX International Agricultural Symposium “Agrosym 2018”. Book of proceedings is available for download.

*  Bee World (02.2019): “Challenges for Beekeeping in Indonesia with Autochthonous and Introduced Bees” by  Kristina Gratzer, Fajar Susilo, Dwi Purnomo, Sascha Fiedler & Robert Brodschneider

*  Agronomy Research 17 (05.2019): “Modular sensory hardware and data processing solution for implementation of the precision beekeeping” by V.Komasilovs, A.Zacepins, A.Kviesis, S.Fiedler & S.Kirchner

*  Bee World (11/2019): “Das SAMS EU Projekt – Entwicklung nachhaltiger Bienenhaltung Indonesien 2019” by  K. Gratzer & R. Brodschneider (S. 18-21)

* Biosystems Engineering journal (02.2020) “Application of fuzzy logic for honey bee colony state detection based on temperature data” by A.Kviesis , V.Komasilovs, O. Komasilova & A. Zacepins


SAMS in scientific abstracts:

* Gratzer K. & Brodschneider R. (2019) SAMS – Internationale Partnerschaft für intelligente Dienstleistungen in der Bienenhaltung. Entomologica Austriaca 26: 130 –131. Download.

* Zacepins A., Komasilovs V. & Kviesis A. (2019) SAMS – International Partnership on Innovation in Smart Apiculture Management Services. Biosystems Engineering 2019 : 136 p. Download Book of Abstracts.