July 15, 2019

SAMS Hive System

WP 3 – Hive System (Lead: Uni Kassel)

Hive Systems will be developed and adapted to local condition uncovered under WP 2. The system will be open source and possible to adjust regarding to own requirements, democratizing further research actions. The monitoring and transmission hardware used within the WP must guarantee high precise results in real time and transmission to our partners in Latvia to enable them to elaborate the DSS under WP 4.

D3.1 – Manual on Beehive Construction and Operation

D3.2 – Low-fidelity HIVE Prototype Design

D3.3 – High-fidelity HIVE Prototype Design

D3.4 – Evaluation of HIVE Prototype Designs

D3.5 – Manual on HIVE Construction and Operation

D3.6 – Report on Data Communication

D3.7 – Capacity Building on Modern Bee Hive Construction – Achievements and Lessons Learnt