14th Asian Apiculture Association Conference

10.2018: On 22nd – 24th October, the team from Universitas Padjadjaran attended the 14th Asian Apiculture Association Conference “Bees, Environment and Sustainability” at Merlynn Park Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia. The participant of the event were researchers, scientists, beekeepers and shareholders from across Asia, Indonesia, Philipine, India, China, Korea and Japan. The participants were gather to discuss about their previous researches, trend, challenges and derivatives products of beekeeping.

The team from Universitas Padjadjaran were presenting three posters: “Mapping the Journey of Beekeepers along Their Business with Customer Journey Approach”, “SAMS Project Indonesia: Answering Challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 in Beekeeping in Indonesia” and “Flowering Plants Calendar of West Java Area as basic Data in Supporting Beekeeping Activities”. Universitas Padjadjaran also opening a booth in the expo. SAMS poster draw some attention to the visitors and some visitors said that they’re interested to cooperate and utilize SAMS technology at their farm when the product is ready.

[Unpad’s Booth on AAA 2018 Expo]

[Unpad’s team on 14th AAA conference]