3rd SCM of SAMS in Jelgava, Latvia (Hosted by UNILV)

09.2018: The Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies invited the SAMS consortium members to the 3rd SAMS SC-meeting into the Jelgava Palace, Jelgava. The event took place from the 26th to the 28th of September.

Dr. Gatis Vitols, the head of the Faculty of Information Technologies, welcomed the consortium members and introduced the LLU and the faculty. After the warm welcome of our hosts, an overview of the next two days’ agenda was given and new SAMS members were introduced to the consortium. The main objectives of the 3rd SCM were to talk about each work package’s progress and to discuss open questions and issues. A special focus was on the user research progress. We were talking about the outcome of the workshops in the two target countries Ethiopia and Indonesia and the assessment of local beekeepers’ needs and requirements.

[Meeting in progress]

[The participating consortium members in front of the Jelgava Palace ]