Asia Pacific Week 2018 in Berlin

04.2018: Project partners from CV. Primary Indonesia, Adityo Pratomo, and the University of Padjadjaran, Dr. Dwi Purnomo, presented the EU funded project “Smart Apiculture Management Services” during the Asia-Pacific Week 2018 on April, 24 2018 at the Conference on Digitalization in Berlin.

The APW ( is one of Germany’s most important platforms for dialogue and cooperation with Asian partners from business, culture, science and politics. The Conference is based on an ever-growing network of partner institutions, like ministries, embassies, economic associations, cultural institutions, NGOs, universities and enterprises. Innovative events on crucial topics regarding global developments characterize the program. This year the focus laid on the global megatrend of the 21st century “Digitalization” with his great opportunities and challenges for companies and people in Europe and Asia. In an exchange between startups, corporates, and SMEs the most important trends of digitalization have been discussed, since Asia is one of the world regions with great dynamics and social acceptance of digital technologies.

Due the fact that bees play a key role in the preservation of our ecosystem, the global fight against hunger and in ensuring our existence the audience of the SAMS session got an answer on the question if Bees & Digitization match and how they match. As an overview of the EU- funded H2020 project the GIZ presented the framework & content of SAMS, which has been followed by a presentation on SAMS as an UCD driven and IoT research project (by Adityo Pratomo) and SAMS as a catalyst for social businesses (by Dr. Dwi Purnomo).

On the picture (left to the right: Stefanie Schädlich, Adityo Pratomo, Doris Thurau (GIZ Head of the regional office South), Dwi Purnomo).