SAMS @ re:publica 2018 in Berlin

05.2018: Our partner from Iceaddis IT Consultancy PLC presented the EU funded project “Smart Apiculture Management Services” under the headline of “How to make bees healthier with IT solutions – the Ethiopian case” at the Tech Salon of the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development stand on May, 3.

The re:publica in Berlin is Europe’s biggest conference on topics concerning digitization and society, while also being one of the world’s most inspiring festival for the digital society.
The aim of the re:publica is to present the opportunities and advantages of digitization in the individual spheres of life, while at the same time critically examining them through a look behind the scenes. The direct exchange of knowledge and the simultaneous networking of experts, users, creative minds, multipliers and innovators is a crucial point of the re:publica & allowed Markos Lemma, Gustaff Ismandar (SAMS Advisory Board) and the GIZ team to connect with other like-minded people.