First User Centered Design Workshop in Bandung, Indonesia

06.2018: The official Kick-Off event of SAMS in Indonesia and the first User Centered Design workshop took place in Bandung from June 25th – June 30th 2018. 

The official opening ceremony of the SAMS project has been held on June 25 2018 in Bandung. Ms. Angela Zur (SAMS project coordinator, GIZ) and Mr. Rizky Abdullah (Director of Society Development at the University of Padjadjaran) inaugurated the official opening ceremony. Followed by a speech of Mr. Purwanto, the Director of the National Api Center and employee of Perum Perhutani, a state owned forest company, who gave a brief overview about the past decades of beekeeping and their challenges in Indonesia, and further expert input from Germany as well as from local bee experts showed the importance of strengthen activities in the apiary sector. In addition to the consortium members from the University of Kassel, the University Padjadjaran and CV.PI, representatives of the West Java Provincial Forestry Office, other UNPAD departments, CommonRoom, experts from the Indonesian Advisory Board,  as well as beekeepers participated in the first day of the workshop.

As evidence that the processing of honey has a big potential and could be a great income source for everyone our partner from the Universitas Padjadjaran developed together with the “Local Enablers” different honey products such as honey espresso, honey butter, honey cookies, chocolate and honey nut paste to taste during the break.

Within the following week the group of partners, experts and beekeepers visited different sides to get to know the context of the local beekeepers and to learn more about specific requirements for different regions. These field trips were connected to the User Centered Design workshop which were held on June 27th only with the partners to connect former and findings with the requirements of the future SAMS systems. On June 28th the UCD workshop took place with a wider audience, e.g. representatives of the National Api Center, Forestry Office, Advisory board members and beekeepers, who play an important role in the  implementation of the project.

UCD is the main concept to develop soft- and hardware components, which are easy to use and therefore main success factor for technology implementations. The UCD process will ensure, that the ICT solutions and developed concepts and services within SAMS are based on specific user needs related to different contexts of use so that the target user groups really benefit of the system. Do fulfill the goal the system needs to be conceived, developed and continuously refined based on the actual requirements of the future users and their context of use. Since the methods of UCD are suitable to organize an effective and efficient collaboration between the partners it is the main approach to development the individual SAMS products. Therefore, a team of local experts will continuously analyze, within the different user research phases, the requirements in Indonesia.

Based on the findings, the first Needs Assessment report with specific information on technical, regulatory and educational requirements as well as on management aspects and bee species has been developed and will be the baseline for the ongoing User Research process.

[Official opening of SAMS – Bandung, Indonesia (June 25 2018)]


[Honey products by UNPAD & local enablers]


[Field trip to Ciwidey]


[User Centered Workshop]