Tests on bee colony swarming

05/06.2018: The hardware development for the SAMS beehive monitoring system is proceeding successfully and according to plan. The team from the Department of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Kassel were prototyping a self-sufficient monitoring system that records acoustic signals from a beehive. First results could be gained to predict swarming events. These results will be used to develop a decisions support system for beekeepers.

The acoustic signals of four honeybee colonies were recorded over 25 days during the swarming period in 2018. The results were analyzed using statistical forecasting methods. Dominant frequencies could be identified that largely coincided with the results of other studies. Characteristic changes, such as the increase in sound intensity over time, which indicate the swarming behavior, were determined with high accuracy by predictive modeling.
Further steps are the implementation of additional sensors for temperature and weight, as well as reduction of the energy consumption using different microcontrollers for the HIVE monitor system.