Advisory Board meeting in Ethiopia

06.2018: On the 19th of June 2018, the first Advisory Board meeting was conducted in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia on SAMS project with the view of collecting necessary input for successful project implementation. The following representatives from 7 different Advisory Board organizations were attended the Advisory Board meeting held for one day. Asefa Amaleddegn, Agricultural Transformation Agency (ATA), Markos Lemma, Florian Mandescheid and Yemesrach Tadesse from ICEADDIS, Gemechis Jeleta from Netherlands Development Organization (SNV-Ethiopia), Gemechis Legesse, Taye Negera and Kibebew Wakjira from Oromia Agricultural Research Institute (Holeta), Juergen Greiling from Ethiopian Apiculture Board (EBA), Solomon Mengesha and Rita Nedif from GIZ-Ethiopia. Hailegeorgis Demissie from BEZA Mar excused from the unforeseen reason failing to participate on the Advisory Board meeting. 

All participant board members introduced themselves, their organizations work and their responsibilities in their organizations. They also expressed their expectations for the day and also from project at large. Following introduction, warm welcome keynote by Markos Lemma from ICEADDIS was delivered. In line with the SAMS project: background, objectives, methodology, expected outputs overview presented by Kibebew Wakjira from Holeta and discussion conducted on the expected project results. Markos introduced the SAMS outlook on UCD and IOT and how they link and advance SAMS. He discussed how the current SAMS prototype is designed to identify the different states of a bee colony to prevent colony losses and boost production and productivities of beekeeping.

Project implementation areas were also presented from the Holeta team. The board also discussed about proposed project implementation areas and selected 3 out of 5 regions for sustainability and easy of implementation: Addis Ababa, Oromia, SNNP. The areas are suggested for the reason that there are 40 active cooperatives supported by 24 development agents working on beekeeping and horticultural crops production across these 3 regions. The Advisory Board also agreed to hold a regular meeting every 6 months with the possibility to meet in between if there is a necessity for it and to allow new members to join the board as the project progresses. Finally, all the representatives signed the document acknowledged their respective organizations engagement with SAMS.